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Published on 09 Nov 2020 / In News & Politics

00:00 Dealings Between Hunter Biden and CCP-Connected Businessmen
05:46 Photojournalist Risks His Life in Hong Kong
10:51 Former ABC Bureau Chief in China Exposes Intimidation by the CCP
15:40 3 Dead After Massive Fire at Huawei’s R&D Lab in Southern China
17:36 UN Security Council: Chinese Diplomat Enraged With American Counterpart
22:56 Chinese Official Caught on Video Slapping and Humiliating Subordinate
24:22 Dr. Miles Yu: The CCP Stands on the Opposite Side of the Free World
Hunter Biden, son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, made millions of dollars worth of “questionable transactions” with Chinese nationals connected to the Chinese regime and military, according to a new congressional report.

Hunter Biden began developing associations with Chinese nationals beginning in at least 2009, the year he co-founded the U.S. investment and advisory firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. According to the report, these financial connections “accelerated while his father was vice president and continued after he left office.”
On January 17, 2010, Alex Cheng, a photojournalist at Mad Dog Daily, a Hong Kong-based online newspaper, noticed that he was being followed stealthily by two people. But he ignored them.

The following night, on his way home, he was pushed down a long flight of stairs by an unidentified assailant. His left shoulder and arm bones were seriously fractured.
Chinese authorities expelled at least 17 foreign journalists in the first half of this year. Recently, several Australian journalists in China were detained, summoned, and even forced to leave the country.

Matthew Carney was the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s China bureau chief in 2018. On Sept. 21, he revealed how he and his 14-year-old daughter were threatened with detention before they left China two years ago.
A huge fire broke out on Sept. 25 at a building inside Huawei’s Songshan Lake R&D campus in Dongguan, south China’s Guangdong Province. The city’s Fire Department reported three deaths inside the building, identified as employees of the facility's property management company.
At a meeting of the UN Security Council on Sept. 24 to discuss the challenges facing governments in the post-epidemic era, the US representative once again criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for allegedly covering up the origin of the virus. Zhang Jun, the CCP's ambassador to the UN, suddenly went into a rage, which was described by Chinese media as "went crazy on the spot".
A Chinese communist official became angry when his subordinate was presenting a report to him. The official slapped and berated the subordinate, saying that the report was meant for him to present to a higher level official, and should be prepared in a manner easy for him to figure out the key points.
Dr. Miles Yu (Yu Maochun), China Policy Advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, analyzed the CCP’s failure on the Hong Kong issue at a seminar on Sept. 22. He said that the Trump administration’s policies toward the CCP had undergone a fundamental change. It’s not the Sino-US Cold War, but the CCP standing on the opposite side of the Chinese people and the free world, he emphasized.

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