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The earth was LONG AGO proven to be stationary by actual peer reviewed science which everyone CLAIMS they will believe if they see it. Well, I not only present one peer reviewed paper which 100% proves the earth does not move (and the experiment, 'Airy's Failure' can be repeated easily and inexpensively) but I also show peer reviewed Michelson experiments with Michelson-Gail, Michelson-Morley, Martin, SAGNAC, and others. So, what - you STILL don't want to believe that even though science has no peer reviewed papers showing that the earth does move?

So, along comes Einstein to save the day for the ball earth Illuminati shills who run the world. His special relativity stated that the measurements of light in the Michelson type experiments COINCIDENTLY SHRANK the light measurements in the EXACT amount that they were looking for. Thus, they could not really tell if the experiment was valid or not. The result, Th Michelson type experiments could be tossed aside and Einstein is elevated by the rulers of the world to be a genius of geniuses. He saved their butts - that is why he was a hero. Only one problem, Einstein's E-MC2 was itself INVALIDATED by the fact that the C (which has to be a constant speed for the formula to be valid and stands for the speed of light) is NOT a constant. In fact, it is slowing - even to this very day. Einstein admitted that would invalidate his entire theory. Only science acts as if it is as true as ever. You are being lied to - WAKE UP WHILE THERE IS TIME!

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